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Hello. My name is Suicidal Lemming and I've just created a dreamwidth account at
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I hate this town. I desperately want to watch Star Trek again, but not a single movie theater in Osnabrueck shows the original, undubbed version. *headdesk*

Words can not describe how much I love this movie. I didn't expect to, originally. Then, when we were treated to 28 minutes of it during the opening ceremony at FedCon 18, I was already halfway in love with it. Now that I've watched the whole thing (in Berlin so it wasn't dubbed)? I'm in complete and utter awe!

I really, really want to watch it again. So much so that I'm actually contemplating heading to Muenster tomorrow...
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Watching Daybreak still makes me cry. Strangely, it also makes me want to write Voyager fanfiction. Go. Figure.
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... but it's not pointless.

I just saw Katra's Beast Within for the first time and was struck by Katra Solopuro's voice. At first I thought I was watching an old Nightwish music video that I wasn't even aware of; she sounds a lot like Tarja, although her voice isn't quite as... developed, I guess... as Tarja's is. Still, wow.
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How it's possible for the entire German T-Mobile network to go offline is quite simply beyond me.
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It might have something to do with the series finale this week. I'm just trying to repress that thought as much as possible, so moving on...

I've been unfriended today. This wouldn't even be worthy of mention if I weren't currently living the NIN song Every Day is Excatly the Same and this happened to be a welcome diversion. Although I really like the reason for the cut which is, and I quote, "If ppls won't comment in my personal entries, I will cut them. I checked my last 5 personal entries and noticed that none of you had commented, so yeah I do keep an eye who comments and who don't." Obviously, I won't apologize for RL, but that's not even the point. Anyone else get flashbacks to school when you had to read Orwell's 1984 or is it just me?

Well, not every day is exactly the same. I feel like crap today, mostly because I've got a sore throat which developed spontaneously between getting coffee and actually drinking it. And it went downhill from there. The weekend will probably be a waste this way. I highly doubt I'll be okay tomorrow, let alone Saturday. Then again, the weekend will probably be a waste anyway what with having to work on Saturday. Fun times ahead, I tell you.

Comments (and responses to such) might still be forthcoming this weekend. Gotta do something while sniveling on my couch (and I just know I will while every one is enjoying the weather).
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What's so special about David Tennant? The BF and I totally prefer Christopher Eccleston.
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I have but one thing to say about BSG 4x18: Holy. Crap. Well, that and I recognized the music at the end from Exodus, Parts I + II, mainly because it totally makes me think of Hobbits and The Shire every damn time. Very disconcerting, that.

In other news, I may have a thing for Doctor Who now and the BF is to blame. He's got seasons one and two of I guess the New Who? Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor in any case (he's what, the ninth doctor?). Only drawback? He's got the dubbed version, although that is quite awesome which probably means that the undubbed original is nothing short of brilliant. I just love the British sense of humor. *eyes Hyperdrive*

More other news, my new wardrobe will be delivered this Thursday. Words can't express how much I'm looking forward to this. All my clothes, towels, linen, what have you are still in cardboard boxes and I'm so sick of seeing those every damn day.
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Title: Reiteration
Author: [ profile] caffey
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica (re-imagined)
Pairing: A/R
Rated: T/PG-13
Date: February 23, 2009
Disclaimer: Universal Studios and RDM own the playground. I'm just getting my hands dirty.
Author's Note: I'm not claiming originality here, but I badly needed to get this out of my system. I'm pinning this on [ profile] sira01 and [ profile] ufp13. They're responsible for my being sucked into BSG and subsequently A/R anyway. Might as well all be their fault in one fell swoop. Spoilers through 4x16 - Deadlock.

Many thanks must go to [ profile] sira01, [ profile] 2raggedclaws, and [ profile] ufp13 for their beta prowess. Any remaining mistakes are my own.

For [ profile] ufp13. See? I can finish on occasion.
Summary: Some days just aren't worth getting up for, others offer a much needed kick in the ass -- and sometimes they just coincide.

Be brave, read on... )
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Remember the alphabet of death? Yes, I'm still strangely enamored by this. And I've come up with a suitably painful F. Flaying.

Anyone have any ideas for L, though? L is for lethal injection.
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Yes, I'm a little late here. Still, I've got thoughts.

All kinds of thoughts. And speculation. )

Sucks to be up to date, occasionally. Is it Friday yet?
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Because I couldn't help myself and it was fun. Seeing as fun is in short supply for me at the moment, I seized the opportunity with arms wide open. Mostly Adama, Roslin, and Adama/Roslin, but I threw in one Six, one Starbuck, and one MM icon for good measure. Used screenshots up until 4x10 Revelations.


Lead the frakkin' way. )

All up for grabs. Credit would be nice.
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I'm rewatching BSG 2x06 - Home, Part I as I type this, and I've just noticed something that may or may not be incidental. It pertains to the series finale about which I know nothing except the title. Read at your own risk. )
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As I've just got the thumbs-up from my content beta-reader, I'm now looking for someone to have a go at my use of the English language. Any volunteers? I promise not to break into tears if you rip me to pieces in the process. I'm made of sterner stuff than that. Promise. Cross my heart.

Oh, BTW, talking about BSG, A/R, PG-rated, 1000+ word ficlet here. My first BSG one, at that. Spoilers up to 4x16 - Deadlock.
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Can I be addicted to emailing back and forth? If so, I'm currently going through withdrawal. *wibble*

Also, there are no words to describe my current state of braindeadedness. I thought yesterday was bad, but it's got nothing on today. Ludicrous amounts of caffeine are not helping. At all. Something's wrong with the world, I tell you. Or me.
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Oh, yeah, that's right. I wasn't. *headdesk*

I wish I could say that'll teach me to stay up late to write fic, but that would be blatant lie. It's so much fun. I just could do without the hassle of braindeadedness (yes, it's a word -- now).

Have I mentioned yet how I've regressed back to my teenager years? Obviously this includes keeping ridiculous hours, procrastinating from sleep, and writing with a maniacal gleam in my eyes. This would scare me if I could bring myself to care about anything else but coffee right now.

*off to grab a shitload of coffee*
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4x16 - Deadlock )
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... is riddled with curiosities, apparently.

Have you ever wondered how come Galactica, or the Fleet in general, has a seemingly endless supply of paper? I have. It's like there are short on everything essential. But paper? That they've got in abundance.

Is it Friday yet?
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Filched from [ profile] shayenne. Comment on this post and I will give you five things/subjects I associate with you. Then post this on your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

Be smart. Be a dog. )

Or a fangirl. )

Or a headless chicken. )

Or a science girl. )

Or a doppelganger. )


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