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  • I've been on vacation for three hours and thirty-eight minutes, and I haven't got around to relaxing yet. Then again, the apartment is bright and shiny now.

  • My flist has made me aware of Majel Barrett Roddenberry's death. Is it just me or has this year seen a lot of prominent deaths? :/

  • More cards have been posted. If you're lucky, they'll arrive tomorrow. Same goes for the US/UK cards, although I'm actually only hoping they'll arrive before Christmas. Anyone got theirs yet?

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Hello, my second name is Procrastinator, and I'm still not done writing all my Christmas cards. On the bright side, all the non-German mail went out on Tuesday. Except for one. And that's only due to the fact that I didn't buy enough cards the first time around and then missed to buy another stamp. Slightly scatterbrained here. I can only hope that I'll still reach its destination this year.

If you're German, haven't got a card yet but are expecting one, I've still got three on my desk. And if you're not expecting one, let me repeat: I've still got three on my desk. It's a really good thing that I tend to save all emails I've received.

Other than that, I'm SO ready for my vacation. I haven't had a day off for relaxation since April and I'm way overdue. This week sucks -- mostly because it's the week before my vacation and I can't wait to have two whole weeks off. Sorry. That needed to be said.

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