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Oh, yeah, that's right. I wasn't. *headdesk*

I wish I could say that'll teach me to stay up late to write fic, but that would be blatant lie. It's so much fun. I just could do without the hassle of braindeadedness (yes, it's a word -- now).

Have I mentioned yet how I've regressed back to my teenager years? Obviously this includes keeping ridiculous hours, procrastinating from sleep, and writing with a maniacal gleam in my eyes. This would scare me if I could bring myself to care about anything else but coffee right now.

*off to grab a shitload of coffee*
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I have a new favorite icon. Incidentally, it is very fitting at the moment. Ouch...
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Do you ever feel like doing at least two vastly different things at the same time? I do, and I consider myself lucky when it's only two things like tonight.

I'm torn between writing and reading. The problem with both options is, I don't know what I want to write or read about, respectively. Never mind that if I had any sense left, I'd be sleeping instead of pondering this not very life-altering dilemma.

But I can't shake the feeling that I should be doing one or the other. It's really rather frustrating. I just know that if I sit down to write - no matter what, just write - I'll end up itching to grab one of the books on my book list. By the same token, if I go for a book, I'll probably have Word started before I hit page ten.

And I only ever seem to have this problem when I've actually got time on my hands.

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I didn't forsake sleep in the end. Though had I known that I'd spent half the night tossing and turning in bed, I really would have watched more Bosten Legal. I'm officially in love with the show. I know, I know. There's a shocker. Still looking for icon-making material, by the way. *hint, hint*

In other news – and yes, I have other news today, woot! – a foolproof way to find the tiniest cut on your hands? Vinegar. It freaking hurts.
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Sleep is not overrated.
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Evil plot bunnies, as opposed to normal ones, tend to sneak up on you, stick around long enough to drive you crazy, then leave when you finally decide to do something about them.

Sometimes I feel like their preferred target.

There are way too many unfinished stories, half scenes, or snippets on my hard drive, and at the time of writing those, it just didn't occur to me to write down plot notes.

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Photoshop? This notebook comes with CS2, but I've yet to make the icons, wallpapers, photomanips I've been meaning to do ever since I moved here.

Voy fanfic? I have two stories - not drabbles, mind you - in the works. On the downside, they've been in the works for the past, er, three months. Add to that the other three story ideas which, at the rate I'm getting around to these things, I seriously need to write down befor I forget about them.

My website? I'm paying for a domain name and webspace I'm not using (in any obvious manner). Haven't used in about four years, to be perfectly honest. I've been wanting to do some funky HTML/CSS/PHP stuff. You know, actually put something online? Haven't even gotten around to coming up with a general structure.

I just never seem to get around to the fun things anymore. :(
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Tomorrow you say? Bummer.

I pre-ordered Tarja Turunen's new solo album My Winter Storm about two weeks ago at and I'm tired of waiting. Never mind that I haven't set up my sound system yet. Never mind that my CD player doesn't work. Never mind that my computer doesn't work, either.

I just want to listen to her exceptional voice. Is that too much to ask? *sigh*
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What's up with the weather this summer? I mean, I know that the Osnabrueck area gets a lot of rain, but this is excessive even for this region. If I'd known it would be cold on top of that, I would have brought warmer clothes. *sigh*

I haven't been warm since I left Berlin.


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