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Anyone have any good Q fic to recommend? Preferably snarky, or at the very least, funny. Can be TNG, DS9, or VOY, I'm not that picky. I'm just a sucker for the God of Perpetual Annoyance.

Edit: Anything Q by Kerry or KateF is a given. I know where to find these, no help needed there.
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I was going to go to bed early for a change which means, of course, that I found ways to thwart those plans. So here I am, reading Voyager fanfiction, and I'm having more fun with this than I really should. Makes me wonder if I've regressed to my teenage years if only mentally (it'd better be only mentally).

Take this one for instance. It's Christmas fic, and I usually stay away from that, in any fandom but especially in Trek Land. However, it's a hoot! I would have scared my cat with those undignified belly laughs if I had one. The general idea behind this is quite insane which makes it the perfect WAFie read for little mentally regressed me.

I wish I could move on to the next story now, but man, why do you ladies have to write eleventy-billion-word stories? *eyes certain members of her flist*

*eyes clock*


Well, maybe one more...

ETA: Maybe not. The regression has also shortened my attention span to that of a dragonfly. Those 15,000+ word stories will have to wait a little longer.
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[ profile] ufp13 has finished a new video. Go watch it.


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