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Hello. My name is Suicidal Lemming and I've just created a dreamwidth account at
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... but it's not pointless.

I just saw Katra's Beast Within for the first time and was struck by Katra Solopuro's voice. At first I thought I was watching an old Nightwish music video that I wasn't even aware of; she sounds a lot like Tarja, although her voice isn't quite as... developed, I guess... as Tarja's is. Still, wow.
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How it's possible for the entire German T-Mobile network to go offline is quite simply beyond me.


Jan. 14th, 2009 09:51 am
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When I was little, I used to love solving puzzles. Problem nowadays is most motives are just plain kitsch and put me off buying. But then I discovered that there's puzzle of pictures made by one of my favorite artist: Victoria Franc├ęs. I'm currently solving the following 1000 pieces puzzle.

(click for a bigger version)

I can easily see myself purchasing more and more of these. *sigh*
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I forgot to ask: Has everyone who wanted a Christmas card from me actually received one? And no, I'm not fishing for thanks or anything, I'm asking because there seemed to be a bit of trouble with the delivery. Alas, I have no way of tracking them.

So, show of hands, folks. Please?
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We've got the most amazing weather, lots and lots of sunshine and about 10 degrees Celcius. And it's supposed to hold for a couple of days at least. Which begs the question: Have we skipped ahead to early spring and I've missed the memo?

In other news... well, no. I seem to be out of news already. Hmm.
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  1. Insanity, despite periods of dormancy, is quite incurable. I'm much less concerned about this than I really should be - which probably constitutes one of the many symptoms.

  2. There are not nearly enough hours in any given day. Either that, or I have the art of procrastination down pat.

  3. The world needs more snark. Demotivators are made of much snark. Therefore, the world needs more demotivators. Q.E.D.

  4. Private James Ryan plot bunnies.

  5. I miss Sev Trek. Fiercely. And Sevylon 5.

That is all.
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I miss my computer. Even with no access to the Internet I could still do lots of stuff with it. Screen-capping comes to mind with Photoshopping as a close second.

"The Swarm" by Frank Schaetzing is, like, whoa. So glad I bought it, even if it was in English.

Still on the hunt for a permanent place that is all mine. Next appointment: today at 6:30 pm. Wish me luck!

The boyfriend is coming over this weekend instead of me going to his place. Should be interesting. He's already said he wants to go shopping. Well, we'll see about that...

I hate the weather. Hateithateithateit.

Every time I go grocery shopping, I buy yet another gadget that I didn't have previously. At the rate I'm going, I'll have nearly as much stuff to move from here to coming permanent place as I do from Berlin.

Not missing Berlin at all. The quiet here is divine.

I don't want to see, let alone pay, my coming mobile phone bill. It's going to be horrendously high.

Can I go to sleep now?
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Only 25 hours left till vacation time. Not that I'm counting or anything.

My LJ info is now totally up-to-date. And pretty. I wish I could say the same about my layout...

Procrastinating much? You betcha. ^^
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I thought there was no better endorphin rush than eating a piece of chocolate. Well, turns out I was right, but going on a friending spree is definitely a close second.

Just picked any friend's journal at random and went through their flist. Laughed like the lunatic I am. And added people like there's no tomorrow. (And maybe there really isn't, who knows?)

Alas, the endorphin rush is slowing. Time for a grande caramel macchiato and a brownie (or two). Gotta keep those endorphins flowing.
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I think my monitor is about to die on me. Not good. Not good at all. *meep*
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Daylight savings time. Nuff said. *yawns*

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Can I just say I despise not having a DVD drive at work? Especially because everyone else seems to have one? I'd love to (sort of) watch my music DVDs at work.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You may or may not have noticed that I've posted daily since I made my reappearance. And yes, it's part of plan for not dropping off the face of the earth again. Another part is me upgrading to paid account status on Sunday. Although admittedly, that was partly due to my need for more than just six icons. Ads suck anyway.


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