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Being sick has its perks, spare time being one of them. Now that I feel recovered enough to spend long periods of time reading, I've been doing exactly that. I was going to start with the Midnight Breed series, which [ profile] ufp13 recommended to me before Christmas, but I got sidetracked by Gena Showalter's Lords of the Underworld series. I need a new addictive series like I need a hole in the head, but there you have it. I can't wait for book four. *wibble*

Kiss of Midnight was an interesting read, but I've quickly developed a love/hate relationship with the book. On one hand, I didn't like the male lead at the beginning -- still not sure I do now that I've finished reading -- and kept putting the book down. On the other, though, every time I did put the book down, I couldn't stay away for any length of time. I still needed to know what would happen next, although some of the plot was easily guessed. I know I'm going to give book two a shot. But, if it doesn't convince me from the get-go, I'll know this series isn't for me, after all. Which would be a first, given the subject matter. ^^

Speaking of creatures of the night, I've also managed to watch Twilight. On the plus side, I think it's better than the book. But then, I think I would have been mighty confused without having read the book beforehand. There were scenes which only made sense to me because I remember reading about them. Possibly, this problems stems from trying to adapt a first-person narration to the big screen. Obviously, you can't do constant voice-overs as that would be annoying as hell. But part of the charm of the book -- and we've already established that I was sorely missing something resembling a plot, so there was something else keeping me reading -- was the very well done first-person narration, and that was lost in the movie adaptation. A pity. Still, I enjoyed the movie for the cast which I mostly liked, especially Bella, Edward, and Alice.

I haven't done a whole lot aside from reading these past five days. I didn't feel well enough. But I'm getting better, and it's about damn time, too.
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Happy New Year to everyone! Yes, I'm late. But look on the bright side, it's still January.

I've finally finished reading Twilight. Plot, where art thou? )

Also, I'm sick. Blah. Damn weather. Damn cold weather, I should say. If it weren't for the snow, it'd be depressed right about now.
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I picked up Upon the Midnight Clear yesterday evening and finished it today.

I'd read Until Death Do Us Part (Love at First Bite anthology) beforehand and I liked that one so much better. I felt, especially because it was also dealing with modern day perception of Dracula (which, given the subject matter, amuses me to no end), it was the much more interesting tale. Velkan seemed a most unusual Dark-Hunter what with his additional powers and all. Esperatta wasn't that bad either, but both characters and what storyline there was suffered from being pressed into a short story. Put a bit of effort into that one, though, and you'll get an amusing tale.

Upon the Midnight Clear? Very streamlined. VERY contrived. So not up to Kenyon's usual standards. Plus, 240 pages of very large print. Had they used normal print size and, you know, dropped a chapter or two, it would have fit into one of those anthologies so much better than Until Death Do Us Part. After all, there really wasn't much story to speak of.
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Don't you just hate it when you own a book collection made up of paperbacks and the latest addition is available as hardcover only?

I was going to order "Devil May Cry" by Sherrilyn Kenyon, but only lists it as hardcover. There's not even a mention of a paperback version. So I went to and actually found the paperback – which is going to be released on April 1, 2008.

But it gets even better than this. The book after "Devil May Cry" will be released on October 30, 2007. As paperback.

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August is going to be a good month, book-wise. As [ profile] laurajo made me realize, I've yet to read "Innocent in Death". I was going to go for the hardcover at first. But with the paperback due to be released on August 28, I might as well wait a little longer. It's not like I get around to much reading at the moment, anyway.

Unlike other people I know and who never cease to amaze me. *squints at [ profile] nimue47*

"Devil May Cry" by Sherrilyn Kenyon will probably bridge me over for a couple of days, though. Release date is next Tuesday. *rubs hands*
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I miss my computer. Even with no access to the Internet I could still do lots of stuff with it. Screen-capping comes to mind with Photoshopping as a close second.

"The Swarm" by Frank Schaetzing is, like, whoa. So glad I bought it, even if it was in English.

Still on the hunt for a permanent place that is all mine. Next appointment: today at 6:30 pm. Wish me luck!

The boyfriend is coming over this weekend instead of me going to his place. Should be interesting. He's already said he wants to go shopping. Well, we'll see about that...

I hate the weather. Hateithateithateit.

Every time I go grocery shopping, I buy yet another gadget that I didn't have previously. At the rate I'm going, I'll have nearly as much stuff to move from here to coming permanent place as I do from Berlin.

Not missing Berlin at all. The quiet here is divine.

I don't want to see, let alone pay, my coming mobile phone bill. It's going to be horrendously high.

Can I go to sleep now?


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