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Yes, I'm a little late here. Still, I've got thoughts.

I was sucked right in by the Kara-centric opening. There's just nothing quite like seeing her go through routine repeatedly while hearing about their endlessly routine days. It's very poignant, very well done.

In fact I love the whole Kara-arc in this episode. And the music, which does so rock, is that a variation on All Along The Watchtower? If it is, you're probably going "D'oh!" right now, but let me tell you that I have no ear for music. I just know that I absolutely must have this version of whatever song this is (I know it... I know that I know it). Must. Have.

The piano player? I'm sure I wasn't the only one thinking him Kara's father towards the end, although in retrospect that would have been too easy, too straightforward. It still leaves me wondering about Kara's lineage. I've heard speculation -- even though I tried not to -- that she's Daniel's daughter which would make her a hybrid like Hera. But even so, do hybrids resurrect? Or let's tackle the first problem, how the hell did she get to Earth -- in whatever incarnation -- in the first place?

Boomer. Maaan. I don't know what to think. I wonder if maybe, possibly, for whatever reason, she's playing all of them. I don't know in what way, or to what end, but her actions seem much too intricate for her to simply hand over Hera to Cavil. How could she have known that she wouldn't be shot on sight when she helped Ellen escape? How could she have known that Tyrol would be gullible enough? If abducting Hera and bringing her to Cavil was the plan all along, she took one hell of a gamble. Too many variables, too much that could go wrong. And without resurrection, her life was on the line. So tell me, what should I think?

Tyrol and Helo. Gullible, gullible men. Nuff said.

I've got no idea what Anders's part is to play, but it's building up to be something significant. I can only hope that if and when he comes out of his coma, it's not gonna be another info dump like the whole of No Exit.

I refuse to believe that Laura Roslin just died.

Sucks to be up to date, occasionally. Is it Friday yet?
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